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Commercial Upholstery NYC

NYC Reupholstery offers high quality commercial reupholstery services. Don’t spend a fortune purchasing new office furniture. Save money instead by maintaining office furniture in a clean, attractive condition with our help. We furnish some of the best reupholstery NYC!

Why Reupholster Furniture?

Commercial furniture reupholstery NYC offers a practical way to maintain essential business assets in good shape. We help replace faded or malodorous fabrics. Our work restores torn cushions and arm rests. We revitalize sofas, armchairs, cinema and theater seats, recliners, and other furnishings.

Reduce Overhead Using Reupholstered Furniture

Today, many cost-sensitive businesses prefer the option of obtaining skilled commercial upholstery repair NYC services. Business don’t need to replace every item of furniture every year. Instead, local firms conserve valuable operating capital by selectively reupholstering items in need of refurbishment.



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Upholstery Shop

We restore office décors carefully. Our commercial upholstery services NYC offer cost-effective assistance. Invest in high quality furnishings. Then keep these items in service as long as possible. Some venues which need our services include: 

  • Office Upholstery

  • Cinema Upholstery

  • Hotel Upholstery

  • Beauty Salon Upholstery

  • School Upholstery

  • Restaurant Upholstery

Sofa Reupholstery

If you have sofas in your office, hotel, beauty salon or anywhere really, you want it to look clean and presentable. Don’t make your first impression a dirty old soft when you can reupholster it and make it look brand new.

Chair Reupholstery

We can make any chair come to life with a little tender, love and care. Let us transform old chairs into works of art, personalized for your style. We think it’s time to give your chairs a makeover today!

Curtain Upholstery

Let’s face it, curtains and shades become old and faded. Patterns become outdated, and need to be replaced. Curtains are a necessity to tie a room’s style together, and we specialize in giving your room the window treatments it deserves.

Looking for a Professional Commercial Reupholstery?

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Serving Businesses Throughout NYC

We transform aging sofas, chairs, and other items. We offer customized services and a great selection of fabric swatches. Our talented technicians know how to restore heavily used business furniture and commercial couch reupholstery NYC. Customers notice the “like new” condition of revitalized commercial upholstery with delight! Contact us now to request a free initial consultation.


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