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Antique Furniture Restoration Service

We offer the best antique furniture restoration service in all of NYC. We preserve cherished chairs, desks, tables, sofas, and other items. We understand the sentimental value antique furniture can have. Our team of experts takes every repair seriously.


Mid century modern furniture restoration


Modern furniture restoration


Dining chair restoration


Eames chair restoration


Cabinet restoration

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Sofa restoration


Couch restoration


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Saving Antique Relics

Our dedicated team understands antiques. Whether the piece was your grandmother’s or you found it at an antique store, we will turn it into a masterpiece. Every piece requires skilled restoration services. When we work on these treasures, we are careful and considerate. We assist both individuals and businesses seeking well qualified antique furniture restoration service in NYC.

Turn Something Old Into Something New

We are big believers in keeping furniture in our home and out of landfills. If a piece of furniture can be restored into a new and unique piece, we are the team to handle it. Before discarding a prized possession, let us take the reigns and show you what we can do.

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