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Reupholstery NYC assists commercial and residential customers across the dynamic New York City Area. We furnish comprehensive furniture reupholstery, restoration, and repair services. Call us now to request a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

Our Services

Many New York City businesses and homes display fashionable furniture ensembles. Caring for these pieces requires skilled assistance. We offer four essential specialized services to help customers maintain their furniture in excellent condition:

Custom Pillows, custom slipcovers


Custom Upholstery


Custom Re-upholstery


custom cushions


custom head boards, custom furniture


custom beds, re-finishing of wood


custom drapery, custom curtains, custom shades


anything custom that deals with fabric, fabric retail store - sold by the yard



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Obtain Outstanding Customer Service

Our company strives to provide superb customer service. We do everything possible to ensure our work surpasses expectations! New York residents think of us whenever they require upholsters NYC, furniture reupholstery NYC, furniture restoration NYC, or furniture repair NYC. Our coverage area extends across the metro area.

Advantages We Offer

Our company offers some important advantages. People selecting the best upholstery NYC look for these elements:

A knowledgeable local NYC furniture repair and reupholstery firm
A free initial consultation
Completely customized assistance
The availability of fabric (swatch) samples

Full-service repair, restoration, reupholstery and antique furniture repair NYC

Maintaining Furniture in Excellent Condition Matters in The Big Apple

Today, New York City has become an international travel destination. This cosmopolitan city (“The Big Apple”) appeals to residents and tourists alike. Many people associate high interior decorating standards with NYC. 

Showcasing NYC Businesses And Homes

Keep your space updated to attract and keep local customers and tourists!

As trend setters in global fashion, denizens of this urban center often maintain a keen interest in beautiful furniture. Why? Successful businesses appreciate the importance of keeping chairs, couches, tables, desks, and other furnishings in an attractive, safe condition. Their customers expect lovely accommodations. Similarly, numerous NYC residents desire stylish, attractively decorated homes. They strive to create welcoming living spaces for family, friends, and guests. Repairing, restoring, and reupholstering fine furniture matters to everyone!



Marcos is as professional as it gets and truly a hard worker. I was given consistent updates about the progress of the job and photos along the way. I was so nervous to see the final product for no reason at all. My couch and loveseat turned out spectacular

Shelly Highland

My office chairs were starting to look old and outdated and people in my office started to complain. I decided to take a chance on this company and let them choose a new fabric for me. I am so glad I let them take the reigns because it saved me money on new chairs and looks great.
Billy Chen

Why Choose Our Services?

We offer all these services at very competitive prices!


The complete repair and restoration of a valued vintage item of furniture sometimes requires several different skills. Lacking upholstery services, some carpentry repair companies must contract out portions of restoration projects to other repair firms. This process increases the total cost of service. Our company performs all necessary work in-house instead. We offer remarkable value as a full-service furniture repair and restoration firm..


Customers appreciate our capabilities. We repair, restore, revitalize, and renew aging furniture. Our efforts enable many vintage pieces to appear almost brand new again. We also help preserve valuable antique items. Keep furniture in excellent condition. Consider requesting our services in any of these situations: 

  • Upholstery NYC assists a hotel in keeping existing furniture in service for a much longer period of time;
  • Couch reupholstery NYC helps a homeowner restore a treasured family heirloom after it sustains pet damage;
  • Upholstery repair NYC enables a local cinema to refurbish its theater on a budget;
  • Chair repair NYC allows an education institution to use donated furniture in a classroom safely;
  • Sofa repair NYC permits a property management firm to decorate its furnished apartments more attractively using vintage items.


Today, both commercial and residential customers sometimes face steep bills when purchasing new furniture. Investing in well-manufactured brands usually offers the best utility over the long term. However, all furniture remains at risk of sustaining unexpected accidental damage (even new pieces). Should owners replace an expensive item in this situation? Now, our company offers a convenient, affordable, cost-effective alternative.

We Correct Many Types of Furniture Damage

Contact us to obtain practical solutions for a wide array of furniture wear and tear and accidental damage issues:

  • Torn or ripped fabric
  • Faded upholstery colors
  • Permanently stained, malodorous padding or cushions
  • Damaged or weak furniture frames
  • Broken springs
  • Uncomfortable, poorly cushioned seats
  • Missing feet
  • Unstable or loose chair or table legs
  • Warped furniture surfaces
  • Loose bolts, rivets, nails, or tacks
  • Scratches, dents, and cracks!

We offer far more than skilled sofa reupholstery NYC. We fix a variety of different types of problems to assist our customers.

Schedule a Free No-Obligation Consultation Now!

Go ahead and schedule a free initial consultation with us now. We’ll examine damaged furniture carefully. We also provide available fabric samples so customers can select the best materials for reupholstery (if necessary). 

In the past, commercial and residential customers in New York City sometimes faced enormous challenges maintaining furniture in a fashionable, trendy condition. Our company performs custom furniture building and repair services. We restore and revitalize new, vintage, and antique pieces. The pleasing results delight our customers. We serve people across New York City!


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